journal of orofacial orthopedics
مقاله دکتر همت پور (nasolabial soft tissue changes after bimaxillary surgery…)
اردیبهشت ۱۳, ۱۳۹۶
انواع براکت های نامرئی در ارتودنسی
اردیبهشت ۱۳, ۱۳۹۶

مقاله دکتر همت پور (… Effects of fixed functional appliance )

journal of orofacial orthopedics

Effects of Sabbagh Universal Spring 2 fixed functional appliance on class II/1 patients at their postpubertal-peak growth period compared with the extraction method


The aim of this study was to evaluate the therapeutic effects of the Sabbagh Universal Spring 2 (SUS 2) fixed functional appliance compared to the premolar extraction method in correcting class II/1 malocclusion in patients who had passed their peak of postpubertal growth (stages 4–۶ of Cervical Vertebral Maturation Index).


In all, 40 class II/1 patients were randomized to receive SUS ۲ application (7 males, 13 females, age 15.75 ± ۱.۰۲ years) or maxillary premolar extraction (8 males, 12 females, age 15.40 ± ۰.۹۹ years). Pre- and posttreatment digital cephalographs were traced at least twice. A paired t test was used to compare the pre- and posttreatment measurements. Treatment changes were compared using an independent samples t test (P ≤ ۰.۰۵).


The extent of change was significant in the following variables: ANB, nasolabial angle, Mand1-ML, 1L-NB, anterior and posterior facial heights, N-A-Pog, 1U-NF, 6L-MP, Ar-Go, OP-HP, A-B, A-Sn, B-Sm, APDI, NAPog, AB-NPog, POr-DOP, SN-OcP, POr-OcP, Wits, 1 l-APog, 1LMeLm, S-Go:N-Me, N-ANS-Pog, Ap1LAp1u-DOP, ANS-Cond, Pog-Cond, SS-Ls, A-N-Pog, Pog–Pog′, MeGoOcP, 1L-Npog, Go-Me, Go-Me:N-S, S-Me, Ls-(Sn-Pog′), Stms–Stmi, N′-Gn′, N′NsPog′, ۶u-PTV, 1u-NA, FMIA, and IMPA


SUS ۲ corrected class II/1 malocclusion of patients in the postpubertal growth period by inhibiting the maxilla’s forward growth, advancing the mandible, decreasing the nasolabial and interincisal angles, proclining the incisors, increasing the facial height, and clockwise rotation of the occlusal plane. Extraction reduced the interincisal angle and protruded the lower incisors. However, it did not change the soft tissue thickness and did not cause a clockwise rotation in the occlusal plane.

Assistant Professor: Siamak Hemmatpour; Former Resident: Ali Mokhtar; Lecturer: Vahid Rakhshan.

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